Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My trusty steeds

The 29er is the newest member of the family. I thought I would give mtn bike racing a go for this next year.


Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fall Festival at Antonia Elementary

This past Friday evening was the annual Fall Festival at mine and Tatum's school. It started out with some sprinkles, but eventually the rain tapered off and things went very well. Kirsten and my Mom took the girls around to play games and to eat. Reese won a ton of prizes, while poor Tatum couldn't win a thing! Here are a couple of shots of the girls. Reese insisted on kissing the cow!

Reese's Field Trip to Stuckmeyer Farms

Reese's Pre-school class at A Child's Place went to Stuckmeyer's pumpkin patch last week. It was the first field trip for the pre-schoolers. It rained a little but not enough to dampen the fun. Contact me if you would like to rent Reese.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Picture booth at Blueberry Hill

Can you say kase!!!!

Ted Drewes Frozen Custard

Florian, Dirk, Kevin, Mom, Tatum, Reese and Kirsten

I found my thrill at Blueberry Hill!

Taking in Mark Twain's House Lovely Palmyra, Mo

Supper at Blueberry Hill
Me, Huck and Tom
What a long weekend! Our friends Kevin, Dirk and Florian from Ersingen, Germany were in town this weekend , so a good time was in store. I nice evening out to Johnny's, McGurks, Square One Brewery and world famous O'Malley's Pub were our stops Friday night. Good times and spirits had by all. Eight A.M. came much too fast! Thanks Reese and Tatum.

My brother Todd, then had an Oktoberfest party on Saturday. He and his brother in law made some very good home brew. He even picked up some most excellent brats from Shubert's Meat Market in Millstadt, IL. Needless to say, we were all very tired and went to bed early.

That led us to Sunday where I had planned to take the guys up to Palmyra and Hannibal, Mo for a Civil War re-enactment. When we got all the way up to Palmyra, the battle had been cancelled due to the extreme wind. What a waste that was. When then caught a small portion of Porter's Raid, but was not really worth the time either.

Our stop in Hannibal was a good one though. They were having a Fall Festival and the booths and crowds were good. We hiked up to the lighthouse and then down to the Mighty Mississippi. The guys from Germany were surprised at how dirty the water was. We then took a quick photo opp at Mark Twain's house and then headed back to the Lou. A stop at Blueberry Hill in University City for supper was the next stop. As usual the burgers were tops and the Heffe was cold! The girls had fun getting their pictures made in the old time photo booth.

The last and most important stop in our day was the World Famous Ted Drewes just off the historic Route 66. My Oreo-cookie dough concrete was tasty!! The girls and guys liked their concretes as well.


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Harvest Festival at Shaw Nature Reserve

We decided to go out to the Harvest Festival at Shaw Nature Reserve last weekend and enjoy the lovely Missouri Fall weather. Shaw Nature Reserve is owned by the same people that run Shaw's Garden down in Tower Grove Park.

The weather was absolutely stellar. The festival had about 15 local StL eating establishments serving their goods as well as 5 bluegrass bands and the always refreshing Schlaffly Beer. A fantastic farmer's market was also there.

The girls were able to go for pony rides and enjoy a petting zoo. They had a Native American Teepee as well as a pioneer mud brick house for the girls to go through.

The trails at the park are also fantastic. With Reese along, we were not able to hike as much as we would have liked. Oh well, more chances for me to drink my favorite heffeweizen.



Tatum's Kindergarten Field Trip

The kindergarten classes at Antonia Elementary School went to Eckard's Orchard in Millstadt, IL last week. It was the first field trip of the year and everyone had a great time. Kirsten went and was in charge of Tatum and her best friend Emma. You can see the girls picking a pumpkin and Tatum ringing the bell for the pig races. Oink, Oink!

The last picture is of Mrs. Wright's Class. Mrs. Wright is the old lady with the kids!!


Sunday, October 7, 2007


That is one hot Mom!

The family and I went down to Soulard for the Oktoberfest today. Besides the abnormal 90 degree heatwave, it was a great time. The girls enjoyed the German bands and Kirsten and I took in some Warstiener Weiss and Dunkel Bier. The bratwurst and kraut were good as well. One of these days we will make it to the real one!!



Thursday, October 4, 2007

She's Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kirsten was gone this week to North Carolina for business, which put me in charge of my offspring 24hrs a day for 4 days. While I do watch them more than most dads, I am not used to getting them dressed and up in the morning. The biggest challenge was getting the hair done. Luckily Donna Kutilek was able to get Tatum's done at school and one of the girls at daycare did Reese's.

I really respect all you single parents out there trying to get things done.

I love my wife very much and never want her to leave again!