Sunday, December 23, 2007

Old Times, Good Friends

My brother Todd just sent this to me and I had to put it up. I will write more later.

What a rag tag bunch.
Mark Mountford, John Mountford, Todd Wyman and Me.
12th Street Possy rules!!!!!!!!!!!

Merry Xmas


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Pink Eye SUCKS!!

Not only did I come down with a case of strep throat this past weekend, I have contracted pink eye (conjunctivitis) in both eyes. You would think someone who has taught elementary school for 11 years would have come down with it before now. Wrong! This sucks. I hope to never come down with this again. I was miserable at school. I had to go to the Walgreen clinic on Monday around 2pm because the itching and pain was just terrible. I then had to officiate a girl's varsity contest at Hillsboro. I couldn't find anyone to take my spot and didn't want to hang the school out to dry. On top of everything else, it was the worst night so far this year. Fans were absolutely horrible. No one was there and the one fan that was decided to complain about everything. I felt horrible and didn't have my "A" game, but this guy was a real peach. What else would one expect from a guy from Hillsboro, Mo in a girl's JV game? I have since gone to see my eye doctor just to make sure everything looks good. She said I should be fine, but not to wear my contact lens. Therefore I have been wearing my spectacles to work and possibly to ref on Thursday.
Two days of school left and then off for 12 days. I will be officiating 8 games at the Flat River Christmas Tourney to help pay for Santa. Some of you out there know how it is. The things you put yourself through for your kids and the ones you love.


Sunday, December 16, 2007

Strepthroat, Snow and Sikeston- Snow Day, Please!!

I guess the title pretty much sums up our weekend. Kirsten was supposed to go to Bunko on Friday, but came down with strepthroat instead. I had been feeling poor all week as well with my throat hurting and being tired. I decided to go to the Doc on Saturday morning and sure enough, I had it too. This is our second round in three weeks.

Since I had no game Friday and Kirsten didn't go out, I met Hovis down at Johnny's for a few frosty ones and then made our way down to O'Malley's for one or two. My throat was hurting, but after a few it felt much better! I didn't stay out late as I had planned on doing some mtn biking early, but the snow put a hex on those plans. I was able to sleep in and then made my way to the doctor to get some meds.

After going to the Doc I recieved a call from my friend and co-worker Chris Bumgardaner. He was on his yearly Christmas shopping trip with his friend Tony. They wanted to go to Johnny's so naturally I showed them where it was. I also took them O'Malley's for one. I then made my way home in the snow where I spent the rest of the day and evening on the sofa. I was able to watch my favorite Welsh film "Twin Town". It was filmed in Swansea, Wales, UK where I taught school for few months. It was released during my stay there and was completely filmed in Swansea. It was cool to see some familiar places on screen.

On Sunday morning we ventured down to lovely Sikeston, Mo for Christmas with my Aunt Sandi and Uncle Buck. The roads were horrible in STL, but got better the further south we went. I would say we got about 5-6 inches here in the city, while Sikeston didn't get one bit. Uncle Buck went all out on dinner having a 9 course meal. I am still stuffed and may not eat until morning. They are headed to Florida by months end. We will see them again sometime in the summer. My Grandpa is supposed to make it to my Mothers for Christmas eve. It will be nice to spend time with him and the rest of the family.

Hopefully I will get a chance to ride mtn bikes over Christmas Break. I have to officiate down in Flat River, but should have time to do some riding. I am off for only 12 days this year. I am sure the time will go by fast.

Take care. I am sure I will post more over the break.
Tatum is the only kid in the Christmas cards this year (if they get sent out), because Reese refused to take part. Note the top picture and how nice Tatum looks.


Sunday, December 9, 2007

Weekend went by real fast!

Not much has happened since I last posted. I have been officiating a lot, going three days last week. Todd Hogan and I made our way down to Potosi, Mo for our one game. The place was packed with the band playing and every hoosier in Washington County yelling at us. Really it wasn't that bad except for they screwed us on the pay. No worries as it will be our last trip to Potosi ever!!

I have not been riding at all as the weather has been absolutely horrible here in Missouri. It has rained, sleeted and snowed the last few weekends. I even had a sitter lined up this past Saturday and didn't get to go. Hopefully over Christmas I will get to go at least once. My time over the break is minimal as I am calling the Park Hills Central Christmas Tourney. It is a bit of a drive, but they pay well.

While cleaning the basement today, I found these photos in an emvelope. I tried to take a photo of them, but they are hard to see still. I don't know the dates, but they are of John and Mark Mountford and my brother Todd. We were sledding in DeSoto with my Mom and Dad. That old 1970 International Scout brings back some good memories. The other picture is of us out at the old Vineland Bridge. It has since been torn down. I am glad I found the photos as they bring back some really good memories. Strange how something so simple brings a smile to your face!


The real Santa Claus!

Kirsten took the girls to see Santa Claus at Crestwood mall last week. It was the first time that Reese did not go balistic. She actually smiled and told him what she wanted. All previous years we have photos of her screaming while someone had to hold her on him. I was very proud of her.

The other picture of Reese and Colin along with the teady bear, Pumpkin from Reese's school.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Happy Birthday Grandma Rapp!

We had Thanksgiving at Mom's on the Sunday after the real Tday. It was also my Grandma Rapp's 88th Birthday. Mom did a great job on the food as usual. Grandma made one of my favs, liver dumplings! I hope I am on top of my game like she is at that age! The photo is of all the great-grand kids and her.


Student of the Month

Tatum got Student of the Month for November in her class at Antonia Elementary. She received an award from the principal at a breakfast banquet this past Friday. We are very proud of her. She studies hard every night and really enjoys school.

Some People!

The Friday after Thanksgiving I went riding out at Castlewood with my brother. Before meeting him, I did about an hour on my own. When I got back to my car and meet Todd I noticed that it had been backed into. I know the schmucks who did it as I had just briefly met them when I first pulled in. They were getting done and we had a pleasant conversation about the trails and bikes. They were in their 50s driving big ass truck with a hitch mount. They were parked directly behind me and just ran into my poor little car. They left no note and just bolted. I have the square piece off their carrier. It fits perfectly into the mold left in my bumper. I am now searching for someone to fix it. Parktown Audi has a guy that does just plastic bumpers and a fellow cyclist has offered his services as well. I hope this doesn't cost an arm and leg as Christmas is around the corner. My car just turned over on 50k miles as well. The warranty is now out. It has been great car to this point. I hope it can keep rolling.

I would have left a note and offered to pay for it. People now days are just plain irresponsible.


Bringing sexy back?

Mustache or no mustache? It is amazing how one starts to look like a parent the older one gets. Could have been Sam Wyman 20 yrs ago. If you knew my Dad you might agree.

Kirsten made me shave it off. Perhaps the stache will be back one of these days. What do you think Hovis?