Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Pink Eye SUCKS!!

Not only did I come down with a case of strep throat this past weekend, I have contracted pink eye (conjunctivitis) in both eyes. You would think someone who has taught elementary school for 11 years would have come down with it before now. Wrong! This sucks. I hope to never come down with this again. I was miserable at school. I had to go to the Walgreen clinic on Monday around 2pm because the itching and pain was just terrible. I then had to officiate a girl's varsity contest at Hillsboro. I couldn't find anyone to take my spot and didn't want to hang the school out to dry. On top of everything else, it was the worst night so far this year. Fans were absolutely horrible. No one was there and the one fan that was decided to complain about everything. I felt horrible and didn't have my "A" game, but this guy was a real peach. What else would one expect from a guy from Hillsboro, Mo in a girl's JV game? I have since gone to see my eye doctor just to make sure everything looks good. She said I should be fine, but not to wear my contact lens. Therefore I have been wearing my spectacles to work and possibly to ref on Thursday.
Two days of school left and then off for 12 days. I will be officiating 8 games at the Flat River Christmas Tourney to help pay for Santa. Some of you out there know how it is. The things you put yourself through for your kids and the ones you love.


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