Saturday, December 1, 2007

Some People!

The Friday after Thanksgiving I went riding out at Castlewood with my brother. Before meeting him, I did about an hour on my own. When I got back to my car and meet Todd I noticed that it had been backed into. I know the schmucks who did it as I had just briefly met them when I first pulled in. They were getting done and we had a pleasant conversation about the trails and bikes. They were in their 50s driving big ass truck with a hitch mount. They were parked directly behind me and just ran into my poor little car. They left no note and just bolted. I have the square piece off their carrier. It fits perfectly into the mold left in my bumper. I am now searching for someone to fix it. Parktown Audi has a guy that does just plastic bumpers and a fellow cyclist has offered his services as well. I hope this doesn't cost an arm and leg as Christmas is around the corner. My car just turned over on 50k miles as well. The warranty is now out. It has been great car to this point. I hope it can keep rolling.

I would have left a note and offered to pay for it. People now days are just plain irresponsible.



Geoff Davies said...

Good to read your blog and catch up on the news.

Sorry to hear about the dmage to your car. Funnily enough, last week Mary scraped a parekd car and then spent 10 minutes knocking on the doors of neighbouring houses to locate the owner.

What goes around comes around!

Best wishes from all of us at Swansea.


Country Grammar said...


It is great hearing from you. Kirsten and I are still looking into coming to Wales this summer. I can't believe it has been almost 10yrs since I was there. I hope school is going well for you. Things are good for me. I look on Grange website occasionally to see how things are going. My school blog is

Take care.