Sunday, December 9, 2007

Weekend went by real fast!

Not much has happened since I last posted. I have been officiating a lot, going three days last week. Todd Hogan and I made our way down to Potosi, Mo for our one game. The place was packed with the band playing and every hoosier in Washington County yelling at us. Really it wasn't that bad except for they screwed us on the pay. No worries as it will be our last trip to Potosi ever!!

I have not been riding at all as the weather has been absolutely horrible here in Missouri. It has rained, sleeted and snowed the last few weekends. I even had a sitter lined up this past Saturday and didn't get to go. Hopefully over Christmas I will get to go at least once. My time over the break is minimal as I am calling the Park Hills Central Christmas Tourney. It is a bit of a drive, but they pay well.

While cleaning the basement today, I found these photos in an emvelope. I tried to take a photo of them, but they are hard to see still. I don't know the dates, but they are of John and Mark Mountford and my brother Todd. We were sledding in DeSoto with my Mom and Dad. That old 1970 International Scout brings back some good memories. The other picture is of us out at the old Vineland Bridge. It has since been torn down. I am glad I found the photos as they bring back some really good memories. Strange how something so simple brings a smile to your face!


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