Wednesday, June 25, 2008



We had a little party over at Todd's house today to watch Germany defeat Turkey. It was a good game marred by picture problems caused by a storm in Austria. Germany scored twice in the last ten minutes, once in the 90th minute, to win in a close one. They now play the winner of the Spain/Russia game this coming Sunday.

I went to G & W Meats on South Kingshighway and some spectacular brats, knockwurst, weisswurst,wieners and spaeztle. Todd did the cooking and provided some Warsteiner and New Belgium Sunshine Wheat. Sorry Neal. I sent my brother out to get the In-Heat Wheat, but couldn't find it anywhere in the Fenton, Mo area. Looks like Whole Foods might be one of the only places I can get it.
We will be doing it again on Sunday. More sausages!

Here are some photos.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Vacation Brews

While on vacation, I always like to drink the local micro-brews. This summer was no different.

I didn't get my first local brew until I reached Maine on our third day. The first beer I tried was the Sebago Hefe-Wiezen. It is brewed in southern Maine and has a really nice German wheat flavor. It is much like the Flying Dog In-Heat-Wheat brewed in Denver,CO.

The next brew sampled at supper one night was the Bar Harbor Blueberry Ale. I am usually not one for the fruity beers, but this one was really good. It did not have a strong blueberry taste and was quite smooth.

After really liking the Blueberry Ale, I decided while in Vermont to give one of their local fruity beers a shot as well. The guy at the local market suggested the Long Trail Blackbeary Wheat a try. I bought a couple and it was really good as well.

Those were the only ones that I tried while out East. If you head out that way, give em a try.


As some you may or may not know, the European Football(Soccer) Championships are currently taking place in Austria and Switzerland. The tournament has now been narrowed down to four teams with my favorite, Germany, right in the thick of things. With a big win over Portugal this past Thursday, they are now poised to make it into the final with a win this coming Wednesday over Turkey.
We are having a party over at Todd's house Wednesday afternoon if anyone wants to come. The game starts at 1:45 Central on ESPN.

Tons of brats and ice cold heffeweizen.

Auf Wiedersehen

Friday, June 20, 2008


What else says Vermont?
We went through Vermont on our way home. This is the longest usable covered bridge in the state.
This is the vintage 1950s cottage we stayed in at the KOA in Brattlesboro, VT.

Schoodic Penninsula, ME

These are taken on the Schoodic Penninsula just about 30 miles north of Bar Harbor. It is part of the park that is located on the mainland. We saw some seals and incredible veiws. This is the day the weather got cooler only getting into the upper 50s. All the other days got into the mid 70s with lots of sun.

Both girls earned their Junior Ranger badges. Here the Ranger is asking questions about what they did to earn them.

Carriage ride in Acadia National Park

These are all from the carriage ride we took in the park. Acadia has over 46 miles of carriage roads built by John Rockefeller over a period of 40 years. He had the road built to preserve the park. The only mode of transportation on the roads are by carriage, bike or by foot. We took the tour of the bridges in the park. The girls had a great time. We learned a lot about the park from our driver. We were pulled by two Belgian horses. We were lucky enough to get on the first tour of the new summer season.

More Acadia National Park

The first three are of Jordan Pond.

These last two were taken on top of Cadillac Mountain. It is the highest mountain on the eastern coast all the way down to Brazil. You can see for miles in all directions. It was incredible.

Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, ME

We spent a day and half at Acadia National Park. It is the smallest of the major national parks, but as you can tell the coastline is amazing.

Trenton Bridge Lobsta Pound

I had the best Lobster ever at the Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound. You pick out the live lobster you want and they take it out back and cook it in wood burning pots of boiling sea water. It was awesome. The girls helped me pick one out and even got to touch it. Fifteen minutes later, I ate it!! The pound is located just before crossing the bridge onto Mount Desert Island.

Campfire divas and comedians.

Whale museum in Bar Harbor, ME

Rockland State Park and Whale watching.

Rockland State Park.
Oh Yall!!!

We saw a lot of puffins, one live finback whale and one dead humpback whale on the whale watching cruise. We were out on the high seas all day from noon til 5 or so.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


My first Lobster in almost 4 years. Last one I ate was on Cape Cod in Woods Hole on the pier. This one was eaten at Huot's in Sako, ME. It was caught that day. I had chowda as well as a pint of Bar Harbor Ale. Kirsten really like the Haddock.
Sako, ME

Rockland, ME just off the breakwater pier. We walked out to the lighthouse. You can see the Owl light in the background. What lovely weather we had on this trip.