Wednesday, June 25, 2008



We had a little party over at Todd's house today to watch Germany defeat Turkey. It was a good game marred by picture problems caused by a storm in Austria. Germany scored twice in the last ten minutes, once in the 90th minute, to win in a close one. They now play the winner of the Spain/Russia game this coming Sunday.

I went to G & W Meats on South Kingshighway and some spectacular brats, knockwurst, weisswurst,wieners and spaeztle. Todd did the cooking and provided some Warsteiner and New Belgium Sunshine Wheat. Sorry Neal. I sent my brother out to get the In-Heat Wheat, but couldn't find it anywhere in the Fenton, Mo area. Looks like Whole Foods might be one of the only places I can get it.
We will be doing it again on Sunday. More sausages!

Here are some photos.


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