Sunday, June 22, 2008

Vacation Brews

While on vacation, I always like to drink the local micro-brews. This summer was no different.

I didn't get my first local brew until I reached Maine on our third day. The first beer I tried was the Sebago Hefe-Wiezen. It is brewed in southern Maine and has a really nice German wheat flavor. It is much like the Flying Dog In-Heat-Wheat brewed in Denver,CO.

The next brew sampled at supper one night was the Bar Harbor Blueberry Ale. I am usually not one for the fruity beers, but this one was really good. It did not have a strong blueberry taste and was quite smooth.

After really liking the Blueberry Ale, I decided while in Vermont to give one of their local fruity beers a shot as well. The guy at the local market suggested the Long Trail Blackbeary Wheat a try. I bought a couple and it was really good as well.

Those were the only ones that I tried while out East. If you head out that way, give em a try.


Neal said...


Good to hear you found some good wheat beers up there. That good, German-style Hefe taste is all about the yeast strain. At Flying Dog, our yeast for In-Heat Wheat is actually a proprietary strain, so no one else can copy that banana type taste profile.

It looks like you had a good time on your trip. Try to come out to Colorado some time!


Country Grammar said...

I just bought some In-Heat Wheat for the Germany vs. Turkey game on Wednesday afternoon. Nothing like some brats and a cold hefe and some fussbol.

I am sure I will be in CO sometime this year. I will look you up.