Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Years Eve 2007

Kirsten and Michelle Fouts dancing at the Lemp Hall.
The DeSoto clan. Michelle Fouts, Kevin Hovis, Nickie Smith and Me.

Kirsten's friends from work and bunko. They are Pete and Urlene and Amanda and Chris.

We decided to go to the Lemp Hall again this year for New Years Eve. We went with some friends of Kirsten's from work and Bunko as well has some friends of mine from DeSoto. Luckily we had the kids of one of Kirsten's co workers to come and watch our girls so we could go out. We met everyone at the Hall for dinner, drinks and a band. After the Hall closed we took our party to the world famous O'Malleys. We had planned on taking a cab home after it closed down, but no cabs could be found. Luckily Hovis took us home and everyone made it home safely. Here are some shots from the party.


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