Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Skate Night, Halloween and Fort de Chartre Rendevoux

Sorry it has been so long since I last posted. I must admit, it has been pure laziness on my part. As you can see we have been busy just about every weekend for the past month.

The first set of photos are of skate night at Antonia Elementary. It was the first time the girls have ever skated, so things were a bit dicey at first. Tatum had the bid girl skates and was very upset at first because she kept falling. She finally somewhat figured it out and then skated for the rest of the night with her classmates. Reese had the training skates and just basically rolled around all night very slowly. She too had a great time. It sure did bring back memories for me of the old Spinning Wheels in Crystal City, Mo.

The next weekend of course was Halloween. We went over to my brother's house and did the trick or treating in his hood. The girls got a ton of candy that they are still eating today!! Reese was Gabrielle from High School Musical and Tatum was a pirate. I sure am glad it was on a Friday this year!
The last set is of our yearly trip down to Fort de Chartres for the Fall Rendevoux. Because of budget cuts in Illinois, the Fort is shutting down indefinitely. This may be the last one for a while. I always remember going down there with my Dad as a kid, and had hoped to keep up the tradition with my family. If you haven't ever been, you should go.
I have only been on the bike once in 4 weeks. I have put on 4 lbs and will start the mtn riding this coming weekend. Family come first and the biking will have to wait. I do need to get back on as I am going mad just sitting around.

Only three more weeks until I start officating games. I will leave in the dark and get home in the dark for the next three months! Joy.


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