Sunday, October 26, 2008

It sure is great living in Missouri this time of year!!

As you can tell, it was another splendid weekend here in eastern Missouri. The weather was a bit cold and rainy throughout the week, but it really came through over the weekend. I was able to go down to Johnny's on Friday and eat some scrumptuous wings with a couple of buddies. It had been at least two months since last sampling some of those daddies and they did not dissapoint.

Reese had her last soccer game this Saturday. She seemed to have the most fun at this last game. We got there a little late as she was having a hard morning dealing with what to wear. Hence the teal long sleeve shirt under here soccer jersey. Why the white or black shirt was not good enough, I still don't know? She got to play most of the game and now wants to try it again.

On Sunday we had been planning on going down to Taum Sauk Mountain State Park all week. We were hoping the weather and foliage would be nice and sure enough it was. The leaves are not real colorful this year, and fortunately the ones down south are much brighter than the ones in the St. Louis area. If you not been to Taum Sauk before, you should go. It is the tallest point in Missouri and is located along the Ozark Trail. We hiked down to Mina Sauk Falls and back. It was a little over three miles and the girls did great. It is a very hard trail to hike on due to the amount of rocks. It has lots of uphill climbing as well. The guide book says for experienced hikers only, but the girls did great. Mina Sauk is the tallest waterfall in the state as well. We came back home up Hwy 21 and drove through D-Town for old time sake. It sure was nice seeing the old town again. I sometimes wonder if I should move back and raise the girls there.


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