Sunday, January 18, 2009

Basketball, Mtn Biking and School

Not much has been going on since I went back to work after Christmas break. I have been reffing just about every night of the week and trying to educate the 11 and 12 yr old population near Antonia, Missouri.

The basketball season had been going well until this past week. I kicked out a couple of fans from Hillsboro during a JV basketball game. I made a foul call with one second left in a game. The kid hit both shots and the other team wasn't happy. I actually call for the other team quite a bit and am somewhat friends with the coach. Life goes on and it is a game, but still hate to see a team lose on a foul shot. I should have let the foul go. Some say a foul is a foul no matter what time of the game.

I actually got in mtn rides this past Sat and Sunday. I went out with a ton of BigSharks on Sat out to Castlewood St. Park. I then went with my neighbor Carey today out to Chubb. Cwood was completely tore up by morons riding thier bikes in the mud while today, Chubb was in perfect shape. I did break my eggbeater today riding with about a mile to go, but other than that, it was a perfect day for riding. Some snow early, but nothing major. I have already ordered some more pedals in hopes of having them for next weekend. I am really enjoying the mtn bike riding. I may even do some serious riding this summer. Snakes and poison ivy beware.

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C. Dugan said...

Being a shooter back in the day, I think if it's a foul, call it. I hate seeing a team drive in to try to tie or win a game, only to get hacked and a no call.