Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas, New Years and everything in between!

It has been a long break, but very welcome. The girls and I got off 16 days this year! Kirsten unfortunately had to work for most of the days we were off. I was able to go for a couple of mtn bike rides in the extreme cold temps. Both days I rode were under 10 degrees. I unfortunately had to officiate down at Park Hills the other days it was nice enough to ride.

We celebrated Christmas at Mom's and had a great time. We were able to see my Grandpa Wyman and all the family on my Mom's side as well. We played tons of Wii and had a great time. It was also nice to go to my Grandma Rapp's house for Christmas Eve again. She will be 90 yrs old this year, so it was good to see she could still put on a party!
We had Kirsten's family over to our house on Christmas Day. She fixed a fantastic meal and again fun was had by all.
As usual, the girls got a ton of gifts for Christmas. Our family is too kind. I got a little bike bling again this year. My mom got me a new Fizik Gobi Mtn bike saddle, Shimano M182 mtn bike shoes, a full Quick-Step kit and a new pair of Pearl Izumi gloves. If you live in St. Louis, pleas don't confuse me with Tom Boonen.

Basketball went pretty good, but I had to call a technical foul on a coach the last day. All the other games went smoothly and my buddy Ryan Eaton and I had a good time commuting every day.

We went to buddy Chris Pleimann's house for New Years Eve. As you can tell, we had a great time. The girls went with us and had fun playing with all the other children.

I have to start back to school tomorrow. I know, you all feel sorry for me.

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