Friday, September 5, 2008

It still HURTS really bad!!!

Yes, I am finally doing some more whining about my wounds from my bike wreck in last weekend's race. I got sewn up and things seemed to be going well on Monday. Then on Monday night my wounds just didn't seem right, so I went and saw my Doc on Tuesday after school. She then tells me I have a staff infection and need more high powered antibiotics. Fine, I just hope it works. She also prescribes some save to put on the wounds that will also kill the staff. Fine, I do it. Then the pain really came. My leg started to swell up and the wounds started to open up, blister and bleed. I call my brother and read the info what came witht suff and realize I am having an allergic reaction. So, this not only caused more unnessary pain, but put off my comeback even further. My elbow is now doing much better, but he wound on my lower leg is very painful to walk on. I guess a flesh wound of that size really pulls on the other skin tissue. It is constantly tingling and swelling some. The Doc yesterday assured me it was healing just fine. The pain was so bad and I was lacking sleep, that I finally gave in and called a sub at 9:30 in the morning on Thursday. I came home and went to sleep. I for sure felt better this morning, but the leg started to really hurt after lunch. I couldn't wait to get home on the sofa and prop that daddy up.

Due to many accidents of other sorts not related to biking and to not so good genes(not blue jeans) I have consider myself pretty tuff and tolerant to high amounts of pain. Pain for short periods is much different than pain 24hrs a day while trying to work with the youth of America.

I can't wait for this thing to get better.

While my cycling buddy Todd Parker was over the other night seeing how I was doing, we took a closer look at my bike. I knew it had some blood on it, but not that much! I don't know if picture like that is good for business or not? What would Big Shark say?

I sure am glad the weekend is here.

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