Sunday, September 21, 2008

Le Tour de Sainte Genevieve

This past Saturday was the second, hopefully annual Le Tour de Sainte Genevieve. Cycling buddy and teammate Todd Parker was putting it on again after good start last year. We used the same course this year and had about the same turnout. Many of friends helped out and seemed to be a big success. I got down there Friday evening and started working on things right away. Cousin Scott and I marked the course and had a good time. We swept some corners, picked up some road kill and kept well hydrated. We even painted a few words of encouragement on the last devastating climb. Todd and I then got up at 5am Saturday morning and drove the course putting out cones and signs. The day started out looking a little rainy, but then turned into a stellar day for a road race. The temps reached 72 degrees with not much wind at all. All the races went off without a hitch and all the racers had positive things to say. Perhaps it will go on again next year. I didn't get to race because of my crash at the Gateway Cup. I was lucky enough to drive the pace car for the Cat 3 race. Mom went along with me and kept me company. The photos are of the Cat 4 race I should have been in. DTown friend Cody Nees was in the race and his buddy Ben took all the pictures.

I am getting back on the bike Monday. I got the mtn bike out today and got it in good working order. I hope to do the Burnin at the Bluff in mid October. We shall see. Not being on the bike in three weeks is likely taking its toll.

I spent the afternoon working on the yard as we might be moving in the near future. I will give more details as the process unfolds. I may be moving to the country! Yee haw.

Buddy Hovis stopped by this evening and had supper with us. Condolences to him and his family as Mrs. Hovis' mother passed away this past Thursday.


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