Tuesday, September 30, 2008

OASIS--North American Tour


I got some great seats in a pre-sale today for the up coming Oasis gig in Chicago. They are actually putting on ten shows, but as usual, Chicago is the closest they will come to St. Louie. This will make my 4th time seeing them and couldn't be more stoked. The show is not until December so knowing the Gallagher Bros, things could change. I had tickets in 2005 for the Indy show an then just before we left I happened to see on the internet that the boys were in a car crash and the show was cancelled.

The new album comes out next Tuesday, so I am really excited. This is the first album in over three years. The first single came out today, but I doubt if anyone in town has it. I am going over to The Loop tomorrow for Tatum's dance, so I will stop by Vintage to see if they have a copy.

D'Know What I Mean?

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