Saturday, March 15, 2008

Dancin USA - Spring, where are you??

Tatum and I went to the Antonia Elementary Father-Daughter dance this past Friday evening. She was very excited to go and we had a very good time. After we got home, she said it was the best time she has had in her life. I only wish she will continue to think it is that cool to hang out with her Dad as she get older. I would assume their were a hundred girls grades k-6 that attended. The place was very crowded with most the Dads sitting around together talking and the daughters out on the dance floor with their friends. I, on the other hand, wanted to dance and have fun with my kid. I danced most of the night taking pictures and just trying to be the cool Dad. We ate cookies and punch and even had our picture taken just like when you were in high school. I ran into a couple of other parents that I went to high school with and they felt the same way.
About fifteen minutes before the dance was over, Tatum was ready to go. We got our things together and started to walk to the door when I heard Ice, Ice Baby playing on the sound system. Their was a lot of noise coming from inside and I noticed a circle had formed with Dads and daughters out doing their best impersonation of Vanilla Ice. I couldn't resist and walked back in and preceded to jump in the circle and show up all the father's in the place. I busted out the best dance moves those people had seen in years. The stopper was the full on break dancing with a back spin. The place went crazy with Dad's and students coming up and shaking my hand giving me props. All the kids were telling Tatum how awesome her Dad was. I just hope in ten years time when I bust out the back spin she will feel the same. I knew all those hours spent practicing when I was 12 would eventually pay off!
All the girls in the photos are some of Tatum's kindergarten friends. The girls all seem to come from really nice families and that is real important to me. I know how crucial it is for kids to have good friends. I truly feel that good friends that are good people shape how a kid turns out. Luckily my brother and I both had the best friends anyone could ever want their child to have. We were surrounded by kids that had the same dreams and goals as us. I hope my kids have the same.
I put in the picture of Reese as she is actually brushing her hair. It is very rare occasion to get her to do this. Now that I think about it, it is very rare that we ever get Reese to do anything that we want her to do. That child has a mind of her own and nothing will change it. It is obvious that she takes after her Mother in this regard.

Kirsten and the girls also went this week to watch High School Musical on Ice. This was a gift from my Mother to Reese for her 4th birthday. They had a really good time. While they were gone I got our taxes done and then met the Hovis brothers and Brandon Klaus down at Johnny's for some wings, shrimp and a few beverages. We of course then stopped by O'Malley's for a pint.
I got back on the bike this week three days. It felt good to have some regular training, but I have a long way to go. I am so out of shape and really want to be in good condition for the Tour of St Louis the last weekend in April. The weather cooperated for most of the week, but now this weekend it is raining and the temps are in the 30's. 70s on Wed and 30's by Sat. You gotta love the MO weather.
Spring, where are you?????
Please come fast.
More updates later.

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