Thursday, March 27, 2008

A visit to Grandpa Wyman's House

Tatum and I were on Spring Break last Thursday and Friday, so we decidedt to take one day and go visit Great- Grampa Wyman and Great-Grandma Barb on Friday. My Mom and Reese went along as well. We had to drive all the way to Sikeston and down Hwy 60 to get to his house do to the the recent flooding. We had to drive through some water on the road just near his old house and farm near my Aunt Marceda's house. All the ditches were flooded with just about all the fields looking like lakes. Even the Castor River was out its banks near Bird's Corner and Cline's Island. If you know where that is, you are a geography genius!

Grandpa's dog, Skip, recently had puppies and the girls just had to go see them. Their are two yaller ones, one whitun and a small blackun as well. Who knows what kind of dogs they are? Skip looks like half Schnauzer, half Dachsund while my Grandfather claims the father was some sort of Chow/Lab mix! You can quit laughing now, but it is all quite true.

We had a great dinner fixed by Barb. She fixed my favorite of white beans and cornbread with ham, local sweet corn a delicious black forest cake! For those of you who know, you can't beat some proper beans and cornbread! Every time I eat them, I think of spending the few weeks every summer with my Grandpa working in the fields and then driving to Gray Ridge for dinner at Loita's. That old lady cook really cook some beans and cornbread! She would have a cig in one hand with an inch long ash on it and be cooking some beans in the other. What a place?

These are photos from that excursion.

I will have more very soon.


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