Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Basketball season has started!!

As some of you know, basketball was my first love in regards to sports. I started officiating basketball when I was 18yrs old when my Dad convinced me to do it. I had good high school carreer as a player thus the transition to ref was an easy one. My Dad did it for 30+ years and now I am on my 14yr, minus the 5 yrs I took off when I was an Assistant Varsity Boy's Basketball Coach and Seckman High School. I liked coaching, but the hours were not conducive to guy with a new child and a wife that works lousy hours. Officiating allows me to pick and choose the hours I am out, plus make some good cashola! I originally got back into reffing to support the outrageous daycare costs.($1200 a month for the past 3 years) Yes, that's right fellow cyclists, $1200 frickin dollars a month for two kids. How many bikes could you buy with that kind of money a month x 12?

Well, now that Tatum is in Kindergarten, the money is not near as tight. Now I am reffing more to support my habit. You know, cycling.

I don't really enjoy officiating all the time, but it keeps me in good shape and keeps me involved in the game I love and have grown up playing. Another thing is that I think I do a damn good job. I had a great rating last year and did almost 45 varsity contests. Some nights I feel good and enjoy what I just did, while other nights I come home just pissed off. Who likes to have coach and fans piss and moan at them for three hours a night? They really don't pay enough to listen to most bull shit. I get home at 10pm 5 nights a week only seeing the kids in the morning on the way to school. Leaving in the dark and getting home in the dark. I know, you say then quit. I did only take 25 games this year, but I am getting calls already for games. I picked up a college girls game for this Saturday afternoon. Did I really want to do it? No, but how can I justify passing up a couple of bills? That pays for a new stem on my bike, or the camelback I just bought. It helps pay for Santa Claus here in a month or so. You all know how it is. Perhaps I should have gotten a degree where I could have made enough money and not had to pick up a second job. In any case, basketball season is here and my life is nothing but on the go for the next three months. Call my cell phone if you want to get in touch with me.



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