Sunday, November 18, 2007

Busy weekend, no cycling!!!

The weekend just flew by. It all started out by going out with my neighbor, fellow cyclist and friend Carey to The Royale for some supper and a few pints. It is not far from my house, located on South Kingshighway near Tower Grove Park. I heard about this place from numerous people and finally got to try it out. Well, it did not disappoint. Carey convinced me to try out the beef brisket tacos. Holy Cow!! They were absolutely amazing. The tender beef along with fresh blue cheese, tomatoes, onions, and lettuce in a soft taco just melted in my mouth. The atmosphere was cool and the beer they had on tap were tops as well. The various framed pictures of JFK, RFK, Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, and Harriet Tubman made my liberal ass feel at home. My mother would call the atmosphere very Bohemian.

Saturday started out just like the rest of the work week with me and the girls heading out early to Ste. Genevieve. I had to ref at Mineral Area College at 1pm, so I had to get the girls to Mom's around 11am. She watched them overnight so that Kirsten and I could go to a co workers party.

The game was OK as it really was not much different than a regular varsity girls contest. The brand of ball played was a little better, but still just plain bad when compared to a men's game. One notable differences between the college and high school game was the behavior of the coaches. The coach from MAC was not too different from a high school coach, but this idiot from the visiting Vincennes, IN team was a completely other story. This guy was the biggest asshole from the get go. He complained non stop for the entire game. He yelled at all the refs, players, whoever would listen. He cussed, gave dirty looks and tried to be as intimidating as possible. I just took it from him and found myself laughing most of the time, which just made him more upset. I really couldn't help myself. Here was this guy coaching a college team that seemed to be completely ignorant of the rules and the game itself. If he put the energy he used to yell at the officials he teamed maybe could have been better. His team did not run an offense and couldn't play a lick of defense. The players acted just like the coach, whining all the time. I never heard a word from the other team. They just took care of business and went with the flow. Granted, the other two officials I was with were not very good, but still no reason for the jack off from Vincennes to act the way he did. He left the court after getting beat by 20 points screaming that we were the worst refs he had ever seen. I again started laughing and told him I didn't think I would be able to sleep that night do to his kind words!

After the game, I headed home to meet Kirsten to go to my co worker, Kathy's party down in Imperial. She had just bought and new house and was having quite a few of us over to have a good time. A good time we did have. I won't go into any details, but no one hurt or arrested. Just a good time had by good friends. Kirsten and I made it home around 4am. Fortunately, as I stated above, the girls were at Mom's so we were able to sleep in. I think we rolled out around noon. It felt good!

We then went down to Mom's and picked up the girls. They had a great time with Mom. They went to a Tiger Sanctuary in Bloomsdale, Mo Saturday afternoon and then to dinner in Ste. Gen that evening. Mom said they behaved well and had a great time watching them.

It sure is nice having family around when trying to raise a family. Kirsten's parents and my Mom, brother and sister-in-law help us out a ton. Without them, it would be hard to ever get to do anything by ourselves. We do appreciate everything they do for us.

Tatum and I have only two days of school this week since it is Thanksgiving on Thursday. Kirsten's family is in town from Chicago, so her and the girls will be spending lots of time with them. That give me the freedom to do some mountain biking. I am planning on going out to hit some tails on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. It should be fun as the weather is changing and snow and rain is in the forecast. I will let you all know how it goes next weekend.

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