Sunday, November 11, 2007

Chubb beat me up today!

What a morning of mountain biking! My friend and neighbor Carey and I out went out this morning to ride the infamous Chubb Trail in and around Lone Elk Park and Tyson Research Center. He had a late night and was a little sluggish at first. He then preceded to lose me on his fixed gear as usual. I had never ridden the trail before and now it has kicked my ass. I was not used to such technical climbing and decending. It has a ton of really technical rocks that are just incredibly hard for a person new to mountain biking.

I only fell three times today, but they were good ones. You can see from the photos how things went. I tried to do too much a couple of times and paid the price. I was not going fast when I crashed,but I was unable to unclick in time and bit it pretty hard. The last time I fell off the trail and rolled down a hill a couple of times. I also bent my chainring on a nice drop off when I took a wrong line. I didn't go down, but I could hear it hit as I jumped down. It was the big ring so it did not hamper my riding for the rest of the day. I can't wait to get back out and try it again. Now I know what to expect.

I also managed to mess up the coil on my lefty after I got home. I knew the fork-up was loose and couldn't figure out why. Now I know. I took it over the BigShark and they fixed it quickly. I had tried first, but then managed to screw it up even more. I also bought big ring and put it on. The mechanic convinced me to buy a cheap one until I polish my mountain skills.

The girls went and saw The Bee Movie while I was riding this morning. They enjoyed it quite a lot. When they got home we went to the park and played on the playground and swings. It was another beauiful day here in the STL with the temps reaching nearly 70 degrees.

What global warming? The Bush Administration has been right all along. That silly Al Gore. What does he know?

Bent chainring


Anonymous said...

Nice to see the bike dirty. It's looking like a real mtn bike now. That chain ring is nasty and I'm sure that hurt you more than it did the bike.

As far as Chubb. I think we are blessed with this trail. I mtn biked many different trails out west (CO and Utah) and to be honest, except for the scenery, it's just as good as any other trail.

There is however one trail that sticks in the back of my mind as the most technical narly trail - its name speaks for itself. It's called Mountain Goat in Winter Park, CO.


Country Grammar said...

Right on dude! Crank only cost me $27 at BigShark. Mechanic said to go with cheap one until I get better on the trails!!!

Next Sunday perhaps? I am planning on doing Chubb on Thanksgiving if you are up for it?