Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Grandpa Wyman riding my new Cannondale!!

It was nerve racking not only because the bike was just a few hours old, but also because my 80 yr old Grandpa was riding it around his driveway on a Sunday jaunt. I was worried he would crash it and break his hip, neck or something. Really, I was more concerned about him than about the new ride. As you can see he did just fine. You know what they say! Just like riding a bike. You never forget. He did say how easy it was to ride, more so than his 1940 Western Flyer. He tried stopping with a foot break that of course was not there. I had to grab him and slow him down. I about crapped on myself.
Walter Wyman is the man. I hope I can make it to that age, much less ride my grandson's new bike!


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