Monday, November 5, 2007

School Pictures!!!

This is the newest school picture of me. Nice HUH!! I think short hair is in now.
After talking with some fellow teachers, I starting thinking that I have a school picture from almost every year of my life from age 5 til age 34. I of course have one from kindergarten to 12th grade and even two or three from college taken with the fraternity. I did go to college 6 years and I know I had 3 fraternity pictures taken. I am missing three years worth somewhere from ages 21 thru 25. I have one for the first 11 years of teaching as well. That puts me at roughly 27 school pictures in my lifetime! HOW MANY OF YOU CAN TOP THAT? I know my Mom and Dad can as they taught school 30 years a piece. Can my Mom find all her pictures from K thru 12th grade though? We shall see. I will take up the task between now and Christmas to see how many school pictures I can find of me.


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