Thursday, November 22, 2007


The week started off good as I knew I only had to work two days. I was also excited about having an opportunity to ride mountain bikes Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Unfortunately I had to officiate a basketball game at Windsor High School on Tuesday night. The game went fine with no major problems, but the weather here in good ole Missery decided to throw a wrench into my cycling plans.

The weather was just beautiful here all last weekend and the first two days of the week. It even reached near 80 degrees on Tuesday, before starting to fall rapidly overnight. It also started to rain some Wed morning, but still decided to go out to Chubb Trail and give it a try. I met fellow cat 4 BigShark mates Alan and James around 10am at the trail head. It was just misting and decided to give it a go. The trail was not muddy at all when we left but still very damp. The massive amounts of leaves and the wet roots and rocks made the trail very hard to navigate. It started raining harder about halfway out the trail, but we kept going. We eventually turned around because it was becoming much too dangerous with the rocks. We ended up doing around 10 miles. James had one flat and the bikes got good and muddy on the bottoms along the river. The large amounts of rain the rest of the day then made any chance of a Turkey Day ride obsolete. Not only did it rain ,but the temps outside at Noon are hovering around 40 degrees. I will ride at Castlewood on Friday as the weather is supposed to be sunny and in the mid 40s. Only in MO can it go from 80 to 30 in a day!

Met good friend Kevin Hovis at Johnny's last night for the best wings and sights in the LOU. My neighbor Carey showed up a little later and then we made our way down to O'Malley's for a few pints of Guinness.

We are off to Kirsten's Aunt Caroline's house for Thanksgiving in a few hours. Kirsten's whole family comes down from Chicago every year to celebrate Turkey Day and Christmas together. They will have a huge spread and many will partake in vast amounts of spirits as well.



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