Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bad day, good day?

The day started off really crappy as Kirsten was involved in an automobile accident. She was hit by a guy that ran a red light at 270 and Manchester Rd. I had the Subaru towed to Webster Groves to see what kind of damage was done. It has a little bend in the frame(this really sucks) and it needs a new bumper, hood and front driver side quarter panel. The guy that hit her has Alzheimer's and insurance(good). (Alzheimers is not good, but the insurance part it is.) The interesting thing is that Kirsten was the second car through the light. The guy was so late in running the light that he hit the first and second car through. The old man was given a ticket and now I am forced to deal with the idiots at the guys insurance company.

After the crash I had to hire a sitter to come watch the girls so I could take Kirsten my car and then ride my bike home. The ride was nice from west county and I even rode into the city and had a pint at O'Malley's on the way back. Luckily Mom has let us drive her truck until we get a rental. Nice---- 10 miles to the gallon in a 98 Z71 pickup. Imagine driving that rig for the next month averaging 60 miles a day. This sucks.

The good news is that we got to go to Busch Stadium tonight with other season ticket holders and watch the Card's game from the Champions Club with all you can eat and drink. We then got a tour of the Card's locker room and then got to go into the dugout and onto the field. The Card's won making the night even better.

This is me again the next day and things are much better. I deleted all my bad post in regards to the insurance company. They came through today with a rental and will be getting my Subi going Friday. I did stay on them like stink on dodo today, so perhaps that had something to do with it. I was very kind and polite and that seemed to get them motivated. I was overly nice and understanding and things seemed to move quickly today. Mom's truck was doing fine, then just quit. The alternator went out and left me at Todd's house. We had to get the battery charged and then I drove it up to the dealer to get it fixed. Enterprise met me with the rental there and then I came home and got in 30 miles on the bike.

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