Thursday, August 7, 2008

TNWC = Crappy tyres

I did the TNWC and didn't have a great race. I flatted 10 min into the race and didn't get back in. Mike Weiss, the owner of Big Shark gave me his bike to ride, but didn't really feel like crashing a full carbon LOOK 585. I rode it over to my house and picked up an older tyre and put it on in time to the do the C race with buddy Matt Wilkins. I led my two laps in the B race and felt great, but the crappy Vittoria Diamante had a hole and had to drop out. Matt gave me a tube and I put on a three year old Hutchinson in hopes of making it through the C race. The C race was slow and didn't have many guys as the weather was turning very ominous. We got in 20 minutes and then was called. I led 12 minutes of the twenty and pulled out on the sprint as I am not able to contest due to my category. So I was told, but who knows. Matt did a great job for his first race. I think he will do well if he sticks with it. I got home just before the storm hit.

Got in 52 miles today with Adam Thacker. We rode down to Antonia and back. He had a flat, but no worries otherwise. I averaged right at 19 mph. Lots of hills, but the weather was stellar. Picked up the girls and took them to Kirsten' parents and then went to Johnny's and Cards game with the brother's Hovis. Kevin turns 36 on Friday. A good time was had by all.

Karcher reunion is on Sunday and then one week left before I have to report.



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