Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Nice weekend !!!!!

Nothing major going on this past Friday and Sat. Tatum and Reese had their performances at COCA on Friday morning. Tatum's Circus class performed all the stunts they had been working on the past two weeks. They did a great job. Tatum really enjoyed this class and has informed me that she wants a pair of stilts for her birthday. I have found some online and will try to get them for her. She deserves them as she is a great kid always working hard and listening in school and at home. Reese's class called Tigger and Pooh did a little song and dance and then were done. She originally didn't want to go, put really seemed to like the class by the end of the two weeks.

On Sunday we had the annual Karcher Reunion over in Dahlgren, IL. It is held at the farm where my Grandma Rapp was born. The house she was born in is still standing, so it must be around 90 years old. We got over there early and were the first ones to arrive. We made a special effort to beat my brother Todd as he always has a smart comment about how late we are to everything. We beat him over there by nearly thirty minutes. When we got there, the first thing we did was put out all the tables and chairs under the tent. We then had to start digging as the sewer in the old farmhouse was backed up. The weather was perfect only in the low eightys, but I started working up a sweat digging a hole to find the sewer pipe. We kept digging and eventually got the problem solved. The girls had a good time running around with all the cousins and were competely wiped out by the end of the day. As far as I can remember, I have only missed one reunion over the past 35 years. The only one was 10 years ago when Kirsten and I got married and we were on our honyemoon to Montana. This year was somewhat dissapointing as Todd and I, my Uncle Don and Aunt Millie, and my Mom were the only ones from my Grandma's side to attend. I know people have things going on, but how hard is it to plan for this one Sunday out of the year? I only see these people once a year and really enjoy talking with them and catching up on the old times. If this keeps up, I am afraid the reunion will not last much longer. I have some very good memories going over to Dahlgren as a kid. My cousin Scott and I would go over with Grandma a week in advance. We would play indian ball, ride our bikes, the four wheeler, fish, pull weeds in the fields, and ride with Uncle Jerome all over Hamilton County in search of the perfect peach. People would go over the Saturday before and go to church and look at old photos, and just have a good time. I remember sleeping upstairs in the old farmhouse on the feather bed listening to the oil rig pump in the background. Scott and I would talk for hours and listen to Def Leppard. Breakdancing at my cousin Chad's house. Man those were simple times that I wish could last forever. Going over to this reunion I feel is the least I could do for my Mother and Grandmother. They have done tons for our family and the people in our family should respect that and make an effort to support this reunion. One day out of the entire year folks!

The girls then went home with Mom so we could celebrate our ten year Anniversary. We ate supper Sunday at the Stable and then went home and watched a grown up movie for once. We watched The Bucket List with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. It was good, but had some cheezy and expected moments. It made me think of my Dad and his battle with cancer. I wish he could have made his bucket list and done some of the things he wanted to do before he passed away. He knew he was going to die and yet he had to spend his last days in a hospital. That is the one regret I have about watching my father die. I wish we would have taken him home those last few months and let him pass away there. If you have lost someone to cancer, perhaps you should rent this film. It was good enough as Morgan Freeman does a good job. I can do without Nicholson as he is very overated as an actor. Solid, but overated!

Monday morning we got up and just relaxed. We slept in drank some coffee and then headed out for our massage and pedicure. I got the sports massage and Kirsten the pedicure. It was great as my calves seem to be a bit better and the shoulder pain has gone away. If I were indepentently wealthy, I would get one every week for sure.

After the massage we went to supper up on The Hill at Cunetto House of Pasta. It is not my favorite place or the best place on The Hill, but it was where we had our first anniversary dinner. It was good as we both had carbonara. We had a good bottle of Washington State Reisling. The spumony ice cream was good as well.

After supper we headed up to Plaza Frontenac to catch an indie film called American Teen. It was a documentary film that followed four teen in a small Indiana high school. They were all seniors and had different ways of looking at life. The film was very good and if you get a chance rent it when it comes out on dvd. It is only showing at a few theatres around the country.

We slept in again today and then headed our for a nice lunch outside. The temps were in the low eigthys with no humidity. Kirsten went down to Imperial and picked up the girls why I prepared for the Tuesday Night World Championships. With the Gateway Cup just two weeks away, I wanted to get in a good workout. This week went much better as I did not flat. I did get caught in a crash, but didn't hit the blacktop. I got back on the next lap, but never got going again and finished at the back of the peleton. I didn't have the legs this evening and am not feeling confident now going into the Gateway Cup. I did have a goal of a top ten in each race,but now I am not sure.

I am taking Mom's truck back to Ste Gen in the morning and then riding my bike back. Looks like a stellar day weather wise and should get in around 75 miles.

Only four more days before I have to report back to school. School starts with kids next Thursday. Most schools around here start this Thursday, but I am not complaining.

The other photos are of the girls getting a manicure and pedicure. They had a really good time at Grandma Nita's house. Thanks Mom.

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