Sunday, August 3, 2008

Another busy weekend

Leslie, Me and Tara
Me and Leah
It all started Friday night when my neighbor Cary and I went down to the Stable for supper and a few drinks. I was joined later by old friend Mark "Lumpy" Mountford. Lots of old stories and good times were had by all.

Saturday was another big day as I had to go to the wedding and reception of a former student. Leah was in my first class at Antonia 12 years ago. She is now 23 and doing wonderful. I also had her sister Leslie. Both girls come from a great family and I am glad we have stayed in touch over the years. They are both very succesful and surely have a bright future.

The wedding was down in Soulard at a Luthern church and the reception was at the Franklin Room just up the street. It is a really cool place that is well over a hundred years old. It is an old theatre that is now a banquet hall. The food was really good and the spirits tastey as well. Thanks Ma and Pa Volmert. I was lucky enough to sit with old friends Kathy and Fred Marquart. I had their son Dustin in my first class as well. Great people that we always have a good time with. They are good left thinking people as well. In fact after the wedding reception we headed up to the Stable for a couple. Fred and the crew are into good beverages, so this was the place. I owe you Fred. I got to talk with a few other former students at the wedding as well. I ran into Brian Maag, and the Green family of Tara, Laura and Jordan. It was nice to see all of them.

Today was somewhat of a lazy day. The girls headed to the mall to take advantage of the tax holiday for school items. Tatum took advantage coming home and giving me a fashion show of all her new digs.

While they were gone, I headed out on a quick ride through the city. I went up out through Jefferson Barracks Park and then back down Broadway down by the stadium. I then headed back up through Soulard, up Arsenal to Morganford, then to Bates and then home. It was around 30 miles in the STL heat mid afternoon, but not too bad. I averaged around 19mph.

I also bought some new hydration drink. I have been using PowerBar energy drink, ice tea flavor. I orderd some more online because Big Shark doesn't sell it. I did however have to buy some other stuff while waiting for the PowerBar to show up. I stopped in at Big Shark on Friday and picked up some Cliff Shot Cran Razz. Stuff is not too bad, but doesn't have caffeine. Yes, I like caffeine for a little extra boost.

Then tonight we went to the Cardinal game for Build a Bear night. The girls each got a little stuffed bear, while I got to sit and sweat for 3 hours. We actually had a good time with the girls lasting until the 7th inning. As I write this they are getting beat agian as the bullpen gave up another lead in the 8th inning. 28 blown saves will not win a darn thing!

Two more weeks until I have to go back to work. I know you all feel sorry for me.


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