Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Big weekend in Sainte Genevieve!

1st cousins Scott, Amanda, Me and Tyree celebrating my 35th Birthday at Twister's
Me and Cousin Scott
Me and Kirsten jamming with Nothing Sacred
Kirsten, Tyree and Amanda
My Liam Gallagher impersonation!

The whole family made the trip down to Ste. Gen this past weekend for my cousin Stephanie's wedding. We went down Friday which happened to by my birthday as well as the rehearsal for the wedding. Reese was the flower girl so we had to go to that and then to the dinner at my Aunt Joyce's house. After the dinner, Kirsten, Me, Scott, Amy,Tyree and Amanda headed up to Twister's to see Nothing Sacred. We had to go out of our way to get there, as Hwy 55 was shut down due to some yahoo holed up in a trailer with a gun shooting at people. The trailer happened to be located right on Hwy 55. We finally got there around 930 and preceded to have a good time!! Amy drove as she is pregnant, so everyone made it home in good shape. Needless to say, we were all tired the next day.

The wedding went off without a hitch Saturday evening. Stephanie and Doug were married outside in Ste. Gen. It was a bit muggy, as summer in Missouri can be. Reese was the flower girl and she did a fantastic job. She was dead set against it all week, but when it came time to perform, she was perfect. She let the stylist do her hair and everything. Way to go Reese!! After the wedding, we headed down to the K of C Hall for the reception. The music was good and all the youngsters had a good time. We all danced, ate, drank and were all around merry! Needless to say, we were all tired the next day as well.

The best part was I was able to put in 30+ miles Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. It was hot, but had good legs all four days. I had planned to race tonight, but it is nearing 100 degrees around 4pm and will just stay inside and fix supper.

The girls have COCA camp for the next two weeks in the morning for 3 hours, so I will be able to put in some quick miles before picking them up. They are also taking swimming lessons in the afternoon down at school, so I will be running them down there as well. That gives me an hour or so to do some work in my room.



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