Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Man from Man!! 4 Stage Victories!

If you could give a rat's hind end about bicycle racing, then just ignore this post. Mark Canvendish from Team Columbia is by far the fastest sprinter in the world. All my cycling buddies know my favorite is Belgium's Tom Boonen, but this guy from the Isle of Man is tearing up the Tour de France. Once my main man Boonen got excluded from the Tour because of a positive test for cocaine(so he was out partying with some babes), Cavendish has been the guy on the top of my list. For only being 23yrs old, he is absolutely amazing. He will be around for a long time and everyone is going to hate him because he can out sprint everyone in the world except for Boonen!!!!!!!!!
He has now won three stages in this year's Tour.

Who do I pick? Boonen or Cavendish? Piss off if you have stupid comments!


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James Nelson said...

Guess it is 4 now.

Where were you last night? Bring you shaved crit legs to the dirt crit because they are going to get ripped off!