Friday, July 11, 2008

Staind, 3 Doors Down and Hinder

Kirsten, myself and friends, Chris and Tara went Wednesday night to watch the three above mentioned bands out at Riverport in Mayland Heights, Mo. We had seen Staind once before at the Pageant and had front row seats. We all had also caught Aaron Lewis on his solo accoustic tour last fall as well and had second row seats. We are all fans and thought the outdoor show might be good as well. Well, it wasn't. We had lawn seats and then Aaron claimed to be sick. They played about 9 songs and then off they went. He sounded pretty good, but still didn't play all their best tunes. He did a great solo cover of the 1973 Bob Seger song "Turn the Page". Other than that, nothing special.

3 Doors Down played for about an hour and a half and sounded good. I am not a huge fan of theirs and we left before the encore. The place was about half full and had lots of families. We didn't have any problems getting out of the place and got home around 1130. Not one of my favorite concerts and would not reccomend seeing the show if they come to your town.

I called my weekly basketball games last night at Ladue High School. That place is nicer than the junior college I went to. If you think all kids get the same education in America, go check this school out over off Warson and Clayton Rd. Unbeleivable! The games were easy as all the teams are horrible. I was home by 730 with cash in hand. It paid for the night before at the show .

I have been putting in some good miles on the bike. I have been averaging about 30 miles a day. I am planning on doing the Mo State Time Trial next Sunday. I don't have a TT bike and none of the sleek now aero bars or helmet that would make things easier. I will get down in the drops and do it the old fashion way. The course is supposed to be 40k long and mostly flat. I did my 30 miles yesterday with hills and stopping averaging 21.2mph. I really think 24mph is a possibility if the wind is not too bad. The only TT I have ever done was in a biathlon and I averaged 23mph over 15mi.

If you haven't caught any of the Tour de France, start watching. It is on Versus everyday about 5 times a day. Sprinters Cavendish and Hushovd are looking strong in the sprints. Kirchen, Valverde, Evans and surprising Vande Velde of the USA are looking strong in the overall. What a great three weeks!


Josh said...

Happen to have any photos from the Staind or Aaron shows?

Country Grammar said...
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Josh said...

Hey Bryan, I appreciate the offer but unfortunately my phone doesn't have video service. Sounded like awesome experiences nevertheless and thanks for the reply.