Monday, July 14, 2008

Budweiser - No more

Not that it really mattered to me or affected me at all, but in case most of you have not heard, the world famous Anheuser-Busch has been sold to Belgian brewing giant InBev. I have friends that work at A-B, so I have been following the possible merger for a while. I really had hoped that A-B would not be bought out, but I figured it would happen all along. As folks have said since money was invented, it talks! The rich just get richer. I don't drink A-B beer that much, but I just hate to see more of Americana go away. While most of you may think I am crazy, I blame much of this on the current Busch administration. The dollar has become sooooo weak the past eight years, why shouldn't the European beer maker take advantage and gobble up their biggest competitor? The United States government has borrowed so much money to fight this useless war, we are owned by many foreign countries. I just hope most of the people keep their jobs. The Post reports that 850 white collar, salaried people are the ones to go first. Most blue collar guys will still have work. Talk to me in three years to see how thing go.

The shirt I bought last week no longer has use.
Budweiser has not been saved!

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