Friday, July 25, 2008

Here's the deal

As I type I have just turned 35 years young. I suppose I should thank my Mom for having me! In all reality, I physically feel much more superior than when I was 25. I am in the best shape since I was playing basketball my senior year of high school. No matter how much cycling I do, I will never be in "that" good of shape again in my lifetime. Coach Davis and Coach Hayden had me in the best shape possible. Damn those 20 in two!! I could still make it, but not near as fast. 40lbs will do that to you. Ya that's right, I weighed 140lbs when I graduated. I am near 185lbs now but I don't look like I am from a third world country in Africa! I think my wife digs me better with some lbs.

So you ask what is going on for the Birthday? The whole family is headed down to Ste. Genevieve, Mo to my cousin Stephanie's wedding this weekend. Reese is the flower girl although she claims she is not going to be in it! I really doubt she will walk down the aisle. She has a mind of her own. We are headed down today and then home Sunday. I am taking my bike and hope to ride all three days. It looks like some serious rain on Friday, but Sat looks good and Sunday a chance of rain.

We are headed up to Twister's Friday night to watch Nothing Sacred play. My buddy Chris is the lead singer and guitarists. If you get a chance, go check them out. Saturday is the wedding and then home Sunday after a trip to the wineries. Like I said, I hope to get in at least 35 miles all three days.

I rode all week, but did not get to race Tuesday or Thursday. I was feeling a bit under the weather and had to go to the doctor on Tuesday. All seems to be good to go now. I put in 40 miles on Sunday with my neighbor Cary and then 30 miles on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. I did the miles Thursday in the rain. It was actally very nice with the temps in the low 70's with just a slight drizzle. The bike was dirty and wet, but I actually enjoyed it. I was cranking for some reason averaging 21 mph. I was planning on doing the Dirt Crits out at Castlewood,but that got cancelled due to the weather. You would think the toughy Mtn bike guys would like to get out and play in the mud!

The Tour de France took another turn this week as well. Carlos Sastre from CSC made a huge effort on Alp Duez to go up on Cadel Evens at nearly 1 minute 30 seconds. It is possible for Cadel to make it up in the TT, but I really believe Sastre will hold on to it. He seems to be a decent guy who has been around for a few years and will finally get the win after being close a couple of times. American hopeful Christian Vande Velde is in 6th place down nearly 4 minutes. He has one bad day, and it really cost him a shot at the win. I look for him to make upu one or two place in the TT as well. He should be considered a threat for next year for sure. Seems like a genuine guy as well. I say genuine,because like Armstrong, Lemond, and even Leipheimer seem to come off like assholes at times. I like all those guys, they just don't seem like guys you could sit around O'Malley's and have a pint with! Cavendish- yes, Vande Velde-yes. Bob Roll for sure! I will let you know how things worked out on Sunday.

I hope the Cardinal bullpen doesn't blow a fifth game! The true birds are starting to show their colors. If you were drinking the cool aid, you now know the true contenders in the league. I said all along it would come down to Milwaukee and Chicago. I love the Cards, but you can only count on Wellemeyer, Pineiro, Looper, Isringhausen and Franklin so long. Please Mr. DeWitt(Ebenezer Scrooge) spend some money on some decent pitching.

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