Monday, July 21, 2008

R.I.P. Elias the Cat

Sad news around the Wyman household today. Our family cat Elias passed away last night at the age 14yrs. I got Elias my junior year of college while living in Cape Girardeau, Mo. I bought him for $75 from a lady living near Perkins, Mo. He was supposed to have been a Siamese, but I am sure he had a little of something else in him. He was a very good looking fellow. He lived with me on Park St. in Cape for a few months, but then had to take him home because my roommates were teasing him and being mean. Perhaps that is why he was so mean at times to strangers in the house. At that point, he became my Mom and Dad's new house cat. He didn't come with me when I got my new house in 1997 because my parent's had become attached to him. In his older age he had become much more mellow and was a good friend to my Mom, especially since my Father's passing in 2002. I know Mom is quite sad at this time, but I know things will come to pass. The girls and I went down to Ste. Gen today to bury him. Mom bought a nice rose bush to remember him by. Thanks for the memories Eli. You will be missed.


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Rich Kisseloff said...

dude, sorry to hear about your cat, i lost my dog of 10 years last year. it sucks. so what've you been up to? get in any races lately?